Brad Friedel’s Soccer Showcase, Under Armour Style

When brainstorming at PrettyGreen, there’s nothing we love better than activities we can personally get involved with. So, when one of the Under Armour team suggested we have a kickabout with Spurs and USA veteran Brad Friedel at Spurs’ state of the art training facility in Enfield, the rest of us couldn’t get our boots and base layers on quick enough.

This wasn’t just an excuse to leave work early to play ball with a team of journalists, no. Decked out in plenty of cutting-edge ColdGear Infrared product from Under Armour’s winter range and some blistering-quick Blur Carbon III boots, this was one of our most active product trials yet. Pity our ball skills weren’t quite as hot.

With technology encapsulating within our sturdy base layers vowing to keep us warmer for longer, and with Brad making us run sprint drills whilst we feebly attempted to (not literally) glue footballs to our feet, it took only minutes for us to work up a sweat.

After quickly realising that we either had one good kicking foot or none at all during our warm-up, we promptly took to our pristine five-a-side pitch for a game. Luckily Coach Friedel was only dishing out the footballs and wasn’t the man between the sticks, meaning we could all bathe in the thought that, whilst we weren’t quite at the spectacular level of the Spurs boys we faced – or the training pitch they graced – we at least rattled the net (mainly the away end) a good few times.

A team-consoling beer later, and whilst we might not be having professional contracts thrust upon us anytime soon, it’s fair to say our ColdGear Infrared gear will certainly be making plenty of appearances this season. Showboating our newfound skills, on the other hand, is perhaps one for the sub’s bench.