Born on the 4th July

It’s a year since we came to be and what a year it’s been. We probably should tell you how stressful it’s been setting up a new Agency during the worlds greatest recession since the 1930’s, and that it’s been a ridiculous amount of work to get Pretty Green up and running.

But if truth be told, the hard work, stress, long hours, cash flow nightmares, aren’t what the last 12 months will be remembered for. The lasting memories will be of:-

  1. laughter
  2. lots of quick witted banter and office put downs
  3. surreal debates about life
  4. meeting and making new friends
  5. being amazed by the friendship, loyalty and generosity shown by so many
  6. building on already strong friendships
  7. Client/Agency camaraderie and togetherness through adversity
  8. exciting new relationships
  9. creating a new business model with our Brand Incubator
  10. delivering work that we’re really proud of
  11. inspiring each other with creative thinking and writing
  12. just getting things done without any politics or nonsense
  13. being asked by a Client if we’d set-up an Agency
  14. being invited to do it from a Clients office
  15. having a logo, name and business card that we still love (thank you Nat)
  16. moving into our first office with a wonky floor that meant we all slid into the same corner by the end of the day
  17. realising we had no desks on our first day in our new office and having to hire them from HSS
  18. getting a new wi-fi, mobile phone system so everyone could work 100 yards from the office¬† (even if it doesn’t work)
  19. Liam copying our name (OK we copied someone else)
  20. winning pitches against the Best in Class and celebrating success (Lucky Voice anyone)
  21. watching a new team blossom and flourish
  22. a belief that it’s all worth it and anything is possible

We could keep going, but 22’s a good number to stop on as it doesn’t feel complete, which is what Pretty Green is currently about. We’re only just starting out on our journey and we’re not sure where this crazy roller-coaster ride is going. We’re a relatively small business and it’s not all a bed of roses, we’ve got lots of big challenges ahead of us, but that’s what it’s all about, that’s why we do it.

We can’t tell you where will be this time next year. We might be down to one person sliding round a wonky floor on his own, but at least we’d have tried to be something and we’ll have a bucketful of positive memories from it.