Bored Surfers…

The world is changing. Gone are the days when, if bored, we’d sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for something marginally more exciting to come along. Now if you’re bored apparently one of the first things we all do is tell other people.

Our digital team helped Cadbury @spotsvstripes track the numbers of Tweets containing the words ‘bored’ and ‘boredom’ over a two week period. The results revealed that 5,120 Tweeters per hour (that’s 85 per minute!) reference boredom.

This got us thinking how could we tackle the issue of unenthused Tweeters and eradicate boredom from the Twitterverse (whilst simultaneously promoting the new hit ITV2 show Minute to Win It). So Boredom Buster was born. Developed by PrettyGreen Digital the game puts you in charge of a canon and gives you one mission – to blow up as many of Twitter’s real-time ‘bored Tweets’ as you possibly can in a minute. As the game is linked to Twitter API, the gameplay is different every time subject to how many people are bored on Twitter at that time.

Once you’ve completed your 60 seconds of boredom busting you’re invited to post your highest score and register for the chance to win tickets to London 2012. On top of this you can then contact the people whose Tweets you destroyed to offer them a chance to placate said boredom by playing the game.

We know what you’re thinking “I’m bored of this blog post just let me play the game”. Ok here you go…

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Cadbury Boredom Buster Twitter Game