Pumping Iron With MaxiNutrition At BodyPower Expo 2016

As far as #SquadGoals go, a team trip alongside MaxiNutrition to BodyPower 2016 is definitely up there. And it’s fair to say this year was bigger, stronger, and heavier than ever before – fitting given the average size of the guests (huge) attending this year’s show at Birmingham’s NEC!

Representing PrettyGreen was our sports team, with James and Rosie heading to the expo and becoming well and truly immersed in a world of bulging biceps, humongous hamstrings, and…. protein farts.
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Yes, BodyPower was jam-packed full of the glitz and glamour of the fitness world… as well as delivering a few sights that cannot be unseen (and some lovely smells for good measure, too). With exhibitors and visitors invading Birmingham from all over the world, and accents flying across the room quicker than you can mix a protein shake, this show was an absolute beast and a must in the fitness calendar.

Alongside the many ongoings – ranging from queues of 200+ for a signed postcard or sample protein sachet in return of giving an exhibitor everything from your email address to the name of your first pet – BodyPower was also the event to which we supported supplement giants MaxiNutrition launch the huge summer campaign, Ibiza Challenge. Daring the thousands of attendees (and non-attendees) to transform their bodies over the course of 30 days, with the best entrants winning a trip for them and two mates to the party capital of the world. Uptake was insane and until the end of July you can bet your last scoop of whey that we’ll be seeing some fantastic #IbizaChallenge transformations before winners are picked.

MaxiNutrition’s stand was huge, with two storeys of action – there was a bodyweight deadlift challenge (deadlift your bodyweight for 2 minutes… can you beat the record of 83?), plus two photoshoot opportunities alongside some of Maxi’s heroes; all while kicking off our Ibiza Challenge.
Further afield in our travels, Rosie fan-girled her hero, fitness model superstar Michelle Lewin, (who apparently does the best glute workouts and has an insane body, if you were wondering), James took on an exhibitor challenge (and finished second on the leaderboard across the whole three-day event, letting everyone know about it in the process), and both made it their mission to avoid hitting the hotel gym in fear of looking inferior, opting instead for the much safer (and emptier) bars of the alcoholic kind.

Three days later we returned home, making it our mission to hit the gym as soon as we pulled up into Euston, put some last-minute refinements into our 30-day nutrition plans, and begin our meal planning for the foreseeable future. Even though it already felt a world away, we couldn’t help but miss the most muscular, oily, hard-hitting show this year. Impression, made.