BMW to bring Joy to London 2012?

BMW have signed up as the latest 2012 sponsor. Their sustainability policy is so good that they have even said they will be producing BMW bicycles for athletes and staff to use in the athletes village. Wouldn’t it be nice if the latest legacy of this Olympics would be a more-cycle friendly London?

Londoners would be much happier people if they could cycle into work every day. It’s not surprising we are grumpy when we have to travel by tube every day. But given the choice of standing like a sardine all the way into work or getting knocked off your bike by a London bus, we’re left with little choice.

Providing bikes is an interesting route for a car company to take…a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas….but hopefully if BMW can show how cars and bikes can work harmoniously in 2012 then London might become a bit more two-wheel friendly and we’ll all be much happier people.