IPM Awards 2017 – A Celebration of Great Work

Last Wednesday 7th June, we headed off to The IPM Awards with our lovely clients PANDORA and came home with a Silver & Gold in The Retail - Traditional Retailers, E-Commerce, Catalogue, Bars & restaurants Category for two separate campaigns launched for PANDORA in 2016....

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The Book-it List – 6 months in!

Every January, everyone in the Agency is given a £100 contribution towards helping them tick off something that they’ve always wanted to do.   More often than not, it’s not about the money, or the time, it’s actually about putting pen to paper and making a commitment to...

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Why Twin Peaks was a watershed moment for TV

“I’ll see you again in 25 years”   The world Twin Peaks returns to is lightyears away from the one it left. When the final episode aired in 1991, the last apartheid laws were being abolished in South Africa, Yeltsin was elected Russian president and “I Wanna...

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Training for a Marathon – How Hard Can It Be??

So, you’ve probably heard this story before. Man goes into pub to meet a friend. They sink several pints of neck oil then, while the brain is lubricated, they start to discuss some of the big challenges in life which they’d like to do but...

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Getting Social at BodyPower, with Maximuscle

One weekend, 90,000 muscle-flexing fitness-mad gym fans and the PrettyGreen Sports team - what’s the worst that could happen? A couple of weeks back we descended on BodyPower once again for the biggest weekend in fitness to help our client, Maximuscle, hold their biggest and...

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Exploring our love of film

Film has a unique power in human culture. In many ways it is the optimum in mass communication and probably the world’s most accessible art form.  Across the developed world there are some 7 billion cinema admissions per year (the equivalent to a ticket for...

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breaking 2

Nike’s Breaking2 Marathon

After more than two years of research, preparation and testing and a two-month campaign, Nike finally launched its #Breaking2 marathon. The sportswear giant set out to make history by enlisting the world’s best runners in an attempt to break the two-hour barrier.   Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge, Eritrea’s...

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Learning what makes a must-see TV moment from the BAFTAs

As awards season rumbles on, this weekend saw the best of British TV applauded at the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards. What learnings did we take from this year’s awards, then?   Notably this year, BAFTA threw a new category into the mix in the form...

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