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We’re switching up, not switching off

Everyone loves watching sport. We can’t get enough of it. The most talented athletes competing in the most glamourous leagues in the world, as long as we can tune in from the comfort of our sofas in glorious HD, we’ll be there.   But serious alarm bells...

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Healthy Chef Steph Joins the #GENParmy

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us all on Generation P, with the arrival of our shiny new ambassador, Steph Elswood aka Healthy Chef Steph, to lead our #GENParmy.   Hosted at the amazing gym at ONE LDN in West London, Steph led an exclusive...

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The Crystal Maze Experience – the 90s should be proud

Don't be afraid to look to the past to find inspiration; innovation doesn’t always yield an all-encompassing immersive experience. This is what we learnt at the Crystal Maze Experience. En route to the experience negative thoughts were running through our minds, 'unless Richard O’Brien starts playing...

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Maximuscle – Officially the best protein in the land

We’ve long believed that Maximuscle has the best protein products in the country…and now it’s official. Thanks to our good friends at fitness bible, Men’s Health, Maximuscle has been named Best Protein Shake in their annual awards for its Whey Protein Isolate.   As the panel of...

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The Easter Bunny – What’s that all about then?

This time of year we often find ourselves asking, why the hell does a bunny deliver eggs at Easter?   There is not a definitive reason as, like so many things in the UK, our culture is a melting pot of multiple traditions, but here is what we...

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