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Golf is taking a huge swing in the right direction

In the week prior to International Women’s Day there has been a huge step taken by one of the most historically old fashioned sports, Golf. Known for it’s notable ill treatment of women in the past this is a huge leap and quite a bold...

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365 days of women kicking ass

In that old industry speak of ‘looking back to look forward’, and in honour of International Women’s Day, we’ve rounded up some of our PG folk and pulled together the following list of inspirational, motivating, and quite frankly kick-ass moments from the past 12 months,...

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Nintendo Labo 6

Nintendo LABO: Is 2018 the year of…cardboard?

It may seem absurd - especially more than 100 years after its first use (and in a world of sleek metal designs and Gorilla Glass), but this year might just be the year of cardboard. Here’s three reasons why.   Tech companies make things cool   Tech is cool....

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PrettyGreen signed for World Cup

Breaking News has reached us at PrettyGreen HQ today, with sources revealing we’ve been signed by CONIFA ahead of their World Cup in London this summer.   The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA), is a non-profit organisation representing football associations that are not recognised by FIFA, and...

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