9BAR Ridding the World of Bad Energy

Has your daily commute over the past two weeks been free of bad energy? Have you noticed that your fellow commuters might have a spring in their step and may have offered you a seat or even a 9BAR? We can officially put all of...

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Who Ate The House that Mario Built? We Did!

The carols of Christmas feel like a distance memory, or should we say the sounds of a singing pickle are (hands up who is still laughing at our singing pickle?) But to try and beat the winter blues we’ve have one last Christmas hurrah as we...

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The weird and wonderful of CES 2016

Andy Williams might have been talking about Christmas when he sang ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, but for technophiles he’s arguably got some competition with CES this week. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual event where the world’s biggest and...

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Upgrading Christmas, With Virgin Media

What do you do when Virgin Media come and ask how they can festively celebrate the connection of the villages of Blaby, Countesthorpe and Ennerby in Leicestershire to its new super-fast, upgraded broadband network? With a load of Richard Branson gingerbread men of course! After some serious...

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A Night of Evil and Frights

To celebrate bringing cult US TV show and highly anticipated STARZ Original series, Ash vs Evil Dead, to the UK, we put our talents to good use and hosted an awesomely terrifying event at Virgin Media's exclusive screening this week. Taking over the House of Detention...

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May we introduce to you to the #PGgetsinspired nights

Last night, the Comms team ventured into the deep, dark corners of Shoreditch - full of its hipsters, city lads and other mysterious creatures - to go on a fabulous adventure with immersive games makers Fire Hazard. We split into three teams titled Pleasing Parsley, Good-looking...

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A Black Friday For Marketing

Arguably one of the worst marketing ideas, since the Sweeney Todd & Mrs Lovett Partnership was formed selling haircuts and pies - Black Friday. On paper it’s pure genius, “Christmas shopping is getting later and later, let’s pull sales forward, stimulate the market and make...

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Peering Under The Armour: 2016 Edition

One of the huge benefits, and one of the most eye-opening experiences, we're treated to while working with Under Armour is the Brand's bi-annual Sales Meeting - a six-monthly glimpse into the world of one of the largest performance brands in the universe, delivered in...

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Sponsors Need To Make Their Money Talk

In the last fortnight, the sporting world was thrown into turmoil with more scandal - this time doping rearing its ugly head again, with Russia the perpetrator following revelations from an anti-doping commission report which alleged widespread corruption and collusion. As if the reputation of sport...

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#ManOnTheMoon – Part 1

Imagine knowing the second biggest Christmas secret after the fact that Father Christmas isn’t real (I still don’t believe it)...

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