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Announcing the launch of OnRoundhay with John Lewis

We're officially in the middle of festival season. Not only is the PrettyGreen office getting extremely excited about the third year of the amazing OnBlackheath festival, in partnership with John Lewis, we are even more excited that we will be loading up our trucks and...

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My Life in 3DS… With Ella Eyre

Last month we announced Ella Eyre as the new face of Nintendo 3DS for 2016. The multi award-winning singer / songwriter features in a brand new campaign, titled ‘My Life in 3DS’ - designed to offer fans a sneak peek into her life.   Ella grew up...

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Changing the world with Global Goals

It’s a big question, but one that Piers Bradford actually knows the answer to, thanks largely to his work with Project Everyone.   Speaking at the PrettyGreen The Clearing event a few weeks ago, he shared his story…   So, what is Project Everyone?   Well, it was set up by Richard Curtis...

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Achieve The Impossible, with Greg Whyte

If you don’t think you can do it, why try. Right?   Wrong. Completely wrong, as former Olympian and world-renowned sports scientist Professor Greg Whyte recently proved - with some hugely moving anecdotes - during our inaugural show piece ‘The Clearing’. It might sound cliche (dare you...

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Vulnerability is where the brilliance happens

People who know 9BAR, know it as full of super seeds, a proper energy boost and a brave, plucky little brand.  So how was it that their Marketing Director came to The Clearing last month to talk about vulnerability? Vulnerability is a word usually associated...

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Andy Murray Goes Underground with Under Armour

Having reached the heady heights of last year’s Under Armour photography shoot with Andy Murray on top of a building at Canary Wharf, this year saw the PrettyGreen UA team go underground with the British No.1 and 2013 Wimbledon Champion.   As the tennis fans amongst us tried to...

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Data Data Everywhere

Who's afraid of the data wolf? In reality loads of us. Whether we're drowning in it, or desperately digging for it, many us feel we are either slaves to our data (we must do what the numbers say) or it is simply a cross we have...

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