Choose Wisely For Your Next Great Idea

The creatives have been and done their thing, with their big pieces of paper, big boards, big thinking, big hair, and now you’re left with a head full of big ideas.   And let’s assume you love them, love them all, or at least love most of...

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PrettyGreen hosts IPM event for EFFECTIVENESS WEEK

It was EFFECTIVENESS WEEK last week, a punctuation in the marketing industry diary when clever brains pause and meet to chat all things measurement and efficacy (no point having lovely creative ideas if they don't deliver return and change behaviour).   The IPM ran 2 events, one...

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A Model Behaviour

At the heart of all of PrettyGreen’s Experiential work is a belief that we deliver brand fame and make our clients investment work as hard as possible. It’s about creating experiences that reach out to a wider audience and more than just the lucky few who...

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Creativity Comes From Diversity

There’s a theory that we can’t help but recruit people who are the mirror image of ourselves. In some respects that’s inevitable. Of course we want to surround ourselves with people similar to ourselves - to many it makes life easier, more enjoyable, comforting and...

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Here Comes The Sun-set Burger

  To celebrate the launch of the Nando’s Sunset Burger, we stationed ourselves at five restaurants around the UK to host lucky fans and their friends who had won the opportunity to sample the new food before its official launch.   Around the world, there’s a tradition of...

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Do We Trust Women To Run The World More Than Men?

Gender Pay is one of the hottest media topics of the past few months, with the UK still experiencing a 9% variance between men and women. Shame on you HR people and Boards who allow this to happen.       But then we got thinking about...

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Creating our own Life Defining Moments

Here at PrettyGreen we are lucky enough to do some very cool things in our job – from standing on the side of a stage at a festival dancing away to our favourite band, to playing touch rugby at Twickenham or staying overnight in a castle in Devon celebrating a flagship...

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