A rewarding year so far…

The dread of a weekend trip to IKEA is enough to send shivers down the spine, but when that trip’s needed to buy new office shelving to house a growing award collection we’ll make an exception (well, that and the mini-Daim bars).   We’re fortunate at PrettyGreen...

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How long until Virtual becomes Reality for sport?

VR Glasses this, VR games that… VR, VR, VR. You may have heard, or you may be living under a rock, but welcome to the new big thing in sport.   Back in January, Marketing Week boldly (at the time) claimed that 2016 would be the year...

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So we got asked: How do you come up with these ideas?

Erm…well, honestly we aren’t 100% sure – it just kind of happens.  Sometimes the lightbulb dings in minutes, other times it takes weeks of horrible self-doubt where you consider giving it all up and retraining as an accountant.   But to try and give some structure to...

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How tech ruled London Fashion Week’s runway

The British fashion industry contributes a huge £26billion directly to the UK economy, so it should come as no surprise that the bi-annual London Fashion Week is a big deal. With Bloggers, Vloggers and Instagrammers bringing accessible streetstyle to the masses – the big four...

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How Do You Build A Music Festival To Reflect The Local Audience?

The PrettyGreen events team have put their festival outfits away for another year after activating both OnBlackheath and the inaugural OnRoundhay festivals in partnership with John Lewis. At OnBlackheath for the third year running the festival go-ers danced to amazing acts such as headliners Primal...

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JEFF MOORE 14/09/2016
uberPOOL celebrates London's most fun way to travel with the launch of their very own pop-up uberPOOL Party at Boxpark, Shoreditch .

Celebrating the end of summer with the #uberPOOL Party!

With autumn looming and the dreaded rain forecast, PrettyGreen was given the task of creating the ultimate end of summer party. But not just any party, an uberPOOL party – a swimming pool, on wheels get it?   The key objective was to drive awareness of uberPOOL...

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Virgin Media Go to Market at The Scottish Air Show

PrettyGreen were set the challenge of visiting 12 locations across the UK & entertaining the general public in order to support the local sales team with Virgin Media broadband sign ups.   So last weekend, two of our PrettyGreen events team made their way to the Scottish...

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