The Unwavering Growth of the Experience Economy

Today it’s no coincidence that the brands with the greatest cultural relevance and the highest social value are those with experiences at the heart: from Amazon to Apple, Facebook to Fitbit, Uber and Airbnb – these are the brands people talk about and depend upon.   Having...

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The importance of core intrinsic moments – Bestival

Whether it was that time you were (almost) set on fire by a steam punk drag queen, or wrestled your best friend dressed as a Kigu chicken, it’s fair to say your experiences at festival weekends are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Retold with...

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Living like a Local with Airbnb

Ben Kendall and Iska Lupton told us at our latest Clearing event how Airbnb is turning travel on its head by using community insiders to craft urban experiences.   For those that don't know, it all started in 2008 with three blow up airbeds plus a nice...

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Long term gains from a moment in time

As an Agency we talk about creating Brand Fame, that idea that you create moments of time that become part of the brand folk-lore. Stories that get re-told over and over again.   We’re so passionate about that idea, and that  “experiences” have the ability to deliver...

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sloggi welcomes everyone to the comfort democracy! 

Recent market research by sloggi found that when it comes to bras, women complain about underwire being the most uncomfortable part - which really doesn’t come as a surprise to the women of PG HQ.   Keen to create a comfort democracy, where women world over can...

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The idea of creating a new idea

The best inspiration comes from the things we experience every day and often things that are outside of the Marketing world. This is why the Events team went to see the Eduardo Paolozzi exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery last week to see what they could...

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