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Maximuscle – Officially the best protein in the land

We’ve long believed that Maximuscle has the best protein products in the country…and now it’s official. Thanks to our good friends at fitness bible, Men’s Health, Maximuscle has been named Best Protein Shake in their annual awards for its Whey Protein Isolate.   As the panel of...

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The Easter Bunny – What’s that all about then?

This time of year we often find ourselves asking, why the hell does a bunny deliver eggs at Easter?   There is not a definitive reason as, like so many things in the UK, our culture is a melting pot of multiple traditions, but here is what we...

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PG’s most hated words

A conversation brewed up at PG HQ after someone used a ‘forbidden word’ in conversation, causing a united shudder upon hearing it. Yes, that word was MOIST, and apparently it is the most hated word, not just in the UK, but in Australia and the...

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Five Theories We Think Everyone Should Know

Our industry is one that is built on theories. Since marketing is not an exact science, approaches tend to be generally led by trends and expert opinions.   With this in mind we thought we’d gather together the five theories which have influenced us the most:   Start with...

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The launch of Chicago Justice with Universal Channel

PrettyGreen was tasked with publicising the new US legal drama Chicago Justice on the Universal Channel, starring the legendary Carl Weathers (from the Rocky franchise, which is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first film’s launch in the UK) and Philip Winchester (Strike Back). As...

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The rise of the Anti-Conference

Say the word ‘conference’ and all you’ll inspire is a glazing over of the eyes. ‘Conference’ – the ever dreaded, often multiple-day session of numbers, graphs and awkward role play situations in dark, dingy hotels. Not exactly the best environment to motivate and encourage your...

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Can Mixed Reality Really Change the World (for Marketers)?

“The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.” said William Gibson in 1998. Poignant words in our increasingly fast paced, technology driven society. Every now and again certain technologies emerge from the noise of constant innovation and start to shine a light on...

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Love it or Hate it, April Fool’s Day is here!

Love it or hate it, April Fools Day is just around the corner and that means that PRs across the land are furiously beavering away to finalise those mocked up images or staged photoshoots. With opinions divided on pranks gone by, we took a look...

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