The Seedlings return to PrettyGreen

Last week we held our latest ‘Seedling Session’ in the PrettyGreen office, this time with girls aged 11-15. Apart from reminding us how old we were, the ‘Seedlings’ let us know what is important in their world, who their influencers are, and what products they most...

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Daisy Lowe Stars In One Of Our Bust Shoots Yet

Daisy Lowe in beautiful underwear you say? Well yes! After months of secret squirrel work we can officially let the cat out of the bag as Daisy Lowe is unveiled as the new face (or should we say body) of Triumph Magic Boost! We’ve spent months...

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It’s What We Did In The Dark That Put Us In The Light

The lights are off at PrettyGreen. No, it’s not because we haven’t paid our electricity bills, but because we’re off to go train in the dark. As you’ll see from the rather chipper photo below, this week we helped launched the second chapter of Under...

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Do you look like Paolo?

Have you ever bumped into your friend in the street and started chatting to them only to realise you were actually talking to a complete stranger? Maybe, maybe not. But this is a frequent occurrence for friends of Paolo Riozzi – a man with an...

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PR Love Is All Around

Love is in the air. And in the newspapers. And on the internet as another Valentine’s Day passes by; equally adored and reviled. Brands relish the chance to grab onto a calendar hook and the most amorous day of the year is no exception. Here’s...

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Are You Unknowingly Breaking The (Marketing) Law?

A scary title for this one, perhaps, but the 194,000 times the Institute of Promotional Marketing had to step in to offer advice or training to unbeknown law-breakers says differently. Sadly, a huge chunk of marketers are conducting their trades unlawfully and without even knowing it…...

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9BAR Ridding the World of Bad Energy

Has your daily commute over the past two weeks been free of bad energy? Have you noticed that your fellow commuters might have a spring in their step and may have offered you a seat or even a 9BAR? We can officially put all of...

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Who Ate The House that Mario Built? We Did!

The carols of Christmas feel like a distance memory, or should we say the sounds of a singing pickle are (hands up who is still laughing at our singing pickle?) But to try and beat the winter blues we’ve have one last Christmas hurrah as we...

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