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Our Best In Show From This Years D&AD Festival

For those of you who don’t know, the D&AD creative festival is held once a year at the Truman Brewery and it’s a chance to see a wide variety of multidiscipline creative work submitted to the D&AD Awards. The aim being to win a much-converted...

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Fidget Spinners: YouTube’s Latest Pocket Money Pincher

Kids, eh? Always begging for the latest new ‘thing’. So. Many. ‘Things’.   Blame YouTube for that.   Fidget spinners – pocket money toys, designed to enhance concentration, that are enthralling kids across the country with their hypnotic revolving - are the newest ‘thing’. And another toy that can...

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Guest blog: Sean Lunt’s take on mental illness in Football

Football must do more to end the stigma surrounding mental illness The news of Aaron Lennon’s hospitalisation this week brought the issue of football’s role in helping mental illness into stark focus once again.   It is something that has affected the sport deeply in the last decade...

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We’re switching up, not switching off

Everyone loves watching sport. We can’t get enough of it. The most talented athletes competing in the most glamourous leagues in the world, as long as we can tune in from the comfort of our sofas in glorious HD, we’ll be there.   But serious alarm bells...

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Healthy Chef Steph Joins the #GENParmy

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us all on Generation P, with the arrival of our shiny new ambassador, Steph Elswood aka Healthy Chef Steph, to lead our #GENParmy.   Hosted at the amazing gym at ONE LDN in West London, Steph led an exclusive...

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The Crystal Maze Experience – the 90s should be proud

Don't be afraid to look to the past to find inspiration; innovation doesn’t always yield an all-encompassing immersive experience. This is what we learnt at the Crystal Maze Experience. En route to the experience negative thoughts were running through our minds, 'unless Richard O’Brien starts playing...

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