How Virgin Media has found its place in football

Many brands try and play in the sports arena, but how do you drive credibility amongst your target audience if you aren’t traditionally a sports brand? Well, as part of The Clearing by Floodlight, Virgin Media’s Ginni Arnold told us all how they are doing...

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The Event 100 Club with Event Magazine

One of the biggest challenges we face as an Agency is trying to articulate what it is we do.   We were born a PR Agency, and PR remains at the heart of what we are, and what we do. But PR has changed and what that...

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The New Rules of Engagement for Brands Playing in Sport

The sports industry is arguably one of the most competitive sectors for any brand to step into, with 70% of all sponsorship being driven by sports marketing (IEG, 2015). So as part of last week’s The Clearing by Floodlight, PrettyGreen’s Planning team have studied award-winning...

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PrettyGreen review the BBC Sound of 2017 longlist

In the olden days, you’d become a successful musician when you had sold records and played gigs. Nowadays that success is pretty much guaranteed with one thing to your name – no, not talent – but inclusion on the BBC’s Sound of [insert year here] list....

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Creativity in Sports Marketing, with Under Armour

As one of the big global players in the sports industry, it’s fair to say that Under Armour know a thing or two about sports marketing, which is why it was great to be joined by their Sports Marketing Manager, Kyle Albrecht, for The Clearing.     Thoughtful. Selective. Creative....

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