Bit by Go 8 Bit, is playing video games helping gamers combat stress?

To help launch Dave’s new series of Go 8 Bit, which stars the hilarious Dara O’Briain, Ellie Gibson, Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon, we set out to challenge the negative stereotypes associated with gaming and demonstrate the benefits not often represented in the media.


After all, we may be biased, but we love a bit of gaming at PG and feel that it definitely helps for winding down and relaxing.


Fittingly, working with OnePoll for a piece of research, it also turns out that gamers think the same with two thirds of those polled believing gaming has been misrepresented in the media in the past too.


So what areas have been misrepresented? Well, there are many good sides to gaming that don’t often reach the mainstream. One of these is that it massively helps gamers escape problems in everyday life through offering a platform for escapism, with 58% of those questioned using games to directly relieve stress. Similarly, gaming is actually a fantastic way to make friends with the average online player saying they’ve made at least three through playing their favourite games. Lastly, gaming makes people happy, with 50% believing that performing well in a game has a positive effect on their life. The list of positive attributes can go on and on… as shown in Dave’s research.


In addition to the research, we also worked with gaming YouTuber Dawko to talk through his opinion on the findings, and to give his own personal opinion of how gaming has helped him with social anxiety and mental health issues. As part of this Dawko spoke to a number of his subscribers to discuss how gaming has helped them through their own personal issues. Dawko wraps up his video with a conversation starter that we couldn’t agree with more, this being that every different person has different activities that help them relax. For some it’s sport; for some it’s music; for Dawko (and many others) it’s gaming, so this should definitely be looked at in more of a positive light from time to time.


See Dawko’s video here:



And it would seem that the media itself were very interested in the talking points raised in this campaign. To date, the project has had over 50 pieces of coverage across national, lifestyle and gaming media. We hope this will make people re-consider the positive effects gaming can have on gamers. After all, after just watching 30 seconds of Go 8 Bit one can see how fun and sociable gaming can be!


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