Beyonce Unwraps Jay-Z and Kanye West

Picture 4It’s been a manic few days and we’ve all been busy B’s with Beyonce and Trident. From our Beyonce Buskers, Lucky Voice promotion and the actually concert, we’re a little bit shell shocked (not sure what we’re going to do when the show leaves town)

The demand for Beyonce has of course been phenomenal but what’s really touched us has been (in the main) the reaction of the fans receiving their tickets.

When you’re involved in a project that has such a feel good factor at it’s heart, and you get to give away over £50k tickets as random acts of kindness in two days, it’s inevitable that emotions run high, so much so, that Emma even broke down in tears with one highly emotional winner.Picture 6

However the main event, wasn’t 100 Single Ladies, Musical Chairs, Buskers, Lucky Voices, it was of course Beyonce. Watching 13,000 fans mesmerized for two hours is something to behold, but when she Unwraps Jay-Z and then Kanye West, you can’t help stare in amazement.

But sometimes it is the ordinary people that still can get to you, Claire finally broke when Beyonce sang Happy Birthday to Rebecca at the end of the show.

Anyway, it’s Monday morning, and a new week, lets just hope we can get Mandy down off the clouds, she was last seen going backstage to meet Beyonce and hasn’t been seen since.

Picture 8

Jay z on stage with Beyonce