Beyonce Musical Chairs Anyone?

Following on from Unwrapping 100 Single Ladies to launch Beyonces exclusive gig at the O2 for Trident, yesterday saw us playing a massive game of musical chairs across London to celebrate the last few weeks to grab a seat to the gig (we say gig, not sure 15k people is a gig).

Special musical chairs were placed all over London, and it culminated in 300 people taking part in a giant game at Westfield, which saw 50 people winning pairs of tickets, players winning special “super fan” tickets (sitting on the stage), and one lucky fan winning a VIP box for her and 14 friends. We also let everyone take a chair home with them. It was great seeing 300 people walking round Westfield with them (although Strings was hoping to get 20 for the new office)

There wasn’t a bouncer in sight for protection, but as you can see from some of the bumps and scrapes, it was all played out with a great spirit.