Be a good egg…buy One eggs

A quick poll of the office revealed that we see eggs as pretty standard Saturday breakfast fayre, not many of us think twice when chucking them into our supermarket basket – it’s just habit right?

Imagine then if instead of a weekly brunch, you were only able to enjoy one solitary little egg a year…

At market in Malawi, an egg is worth around 13p – that’s over a third of a typical household’s daily budget and thanks to their immense value, most Malawian’s will eat just one egg a year – often as a treat on their birthday or to help them celebrate Christmas.

During a recent trip out there, we met people whose lives had been totally transformed through the sale of One eggs. Thanks to the community farming projects the profits of the egg sales fund, families who had taken in orphaned children are able to sell eggs at market, generating additional income while the increased supply of eggs to eat also becomes a valuable source of protein rich nutrition – vital for small children and elderly people alike.


When you think about it most of us buy half a dozen each week so there’s really no reason not to select One eggs, especially when we know that they do such great work.

So the next time you fancy a boiled egg and soldiers, why not do One good thing and pick up the blue box on shelf!