Battle of the Livestream Apps

SXSW has come and gone for 2015 but there are a few things that have lingered on in public consciousness… and none more so that the stratospheric rise of the new Twitter-based livestreaming app, Meerkat.


Now livestreaming is nothing new, we’ve been doing it for years on clunky web players and Google Hangouts, but this model is now seemingly redundant with the evolution of new mobile apps that let you livestream straight from your phone. The ability for every phone to become a news broadcaster is big news in the age of permanent digital connectivity as, in essence, these apps make each citizen a journalist in their own right, bringing real-time, unique perspectives of the world straight from the source.

With all the possibility surrounding these new livestreaming functions, you’d think everyone was 100% behind Meerkat’s launch right? You’d be wrong… Twitter acquired livestreaming app Periscope behind the scenes and was understandably put out when Meerkat came out of nowhere and used their feeds to publish their streams. Periscope’s launch certainly did not create the buzz Twitter would have been looking for but it did have cut through, addressing many of Meerkat’s failings such as livestreams remaining viewable and downloadable on users’ accounts, searchable follower lists and the great addition to the on-screen livechat, the heart shower (the ability to send a shower of hearts to the ‘livestreamer’ to show appreciation of the post).

periscope hearts

So now we have two new contenders in the battle for the livestream, with apps such as Snapchat and Capture finding even more uses for real-time video footage outside the simple shoot-and-post model… and it’s safe to say we’re excited for the potential these apps are bringing to brands.

If you want to know more about the battle of Meerkat vs Periscope, head here, but we think Periscope is the one to watch; its functionality and support from the behemoth Twitter leaves it in good stead to offer the most effective and integrated service for brands and consumers. Rumours are that Twitter wants Periscope to garner its own livestreaming talent as well, so watch this space for the next Zoella of real-time… coming soon to a screen near you.