Du nuh du nuh du nuh du nuh du nuh… Bat-Gate

As previous blogs attest, we do love a good party here at PrettyGreen towers. To commiserate the leaving of PrettyGreen legend and all round nice guy Ravi, we decided to throw a January office do. Who needs a detox?

Fuelled by La Masion Fontaine’s amazing new Chocolat Absinthe (with Strings administering shots relentlessly) the office dance floor was soon full with Ravi breaking out some of his unique 90s moves. Little did the inebriated revelers know that in the office sports hall, a crime was afoot.


It was not until lunchtime the next day that a horrifying discovery was made. Simon and Ben went to play one of their regular table tennis battles and discovered one of the bats was missing. A crack search and rescue team was called in and after hours of searching the ill fated bat was found hidden in a cupboard, shattered into a thousand pieces (ahem more like two).

Who was to blame for this heinous crime? A frustrated player, pushed to the edge by not being able to meet the heights of performance required to win on the PrettyGreen table? Or something a bit more sinister…

We got our own office Hercule Poirot onto the case (about as old and round but with scruffier facial hair) and the suspects were narrowed down to the last people witnessed playing at the party. The so-called ‘collection of friends of the agency, who are also designers’ were accused. Some deeper investigation and interrogation found that these were indeed the culprits and it had been a crime of passion. The tragic bat had been broken in the act of ‘paddling’. The motive: an employee, fuelled by alcohol had taken revenge against his tyrannical boss.

The perpetrators were apprehended and have now paid their debt to PrettyGreen society by contributing a brand new set of professional table tennis bats and balls.

New balls please

Let’s hope the only spankings delivered in the office from now on are strictly in games of table tennis!