Back to school…

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It was back to school today as the first lesson of PrettyGreen School 2012 took place.

In order to think more creatively, PrettyGreeners were encouraged to make full use of the Play-Doh, pipe cleaners and bionic putty provided. The promise of sweets for the best pupils was more than enough incentive to get minds working.

As well as some great discussion, there were some exceptional creations ranging from roses to pipe cleaner spectacles, Valentine’s Day gifts to a scale replica of our PrettyGreen logo crafted in Play-Doh.

Students learned all about the various aspects of brands, from their positioning to their functionality, their values to their core essence.

Reports from Teacher were that students were well behaved, but with more classes to come, PrettyGreen School pupils will need to keep up their good work for the remainder of term.

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