Autumn Makeover Brief Anyone?

Picture 1As Lisa prepares to jet off to LA (again!) next week, with the her top secret international communications gang. and she had to show off by doing the obligatory weather check.  And you guessed it the sun still has its hat on in la la land.

This news, of course, kick started office chat about whether autumn here really is all its cracked up to be.   It turns out half of us love it when it’s so cold it makes your face tingle (that will undoubtedly sound wrong to those who hate the cold but so right to those who appreciate seasons), whereas most of us (and no, not just girls) want to click our fingers straight through to next summer.  It seems autumn could do with a bit of PR polish.  Autumn rocks: come on people, get outdoors, check out the colours and enjoy the tingling face… and reward yourself with a pint in a cosy pub for afters.

Put that in your LA pipe and smoke it!