Audible unveil statue of forgotten LGBTQ+ trailblazers, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, to mark the launch of Hell Cats

Hell Cats the latest Audible Original Podcast Drama, celebrates the lives of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two of history’s boundary pushing, gender defying trailblazers. To celebrate its release we partnered with our sister agency, The Producers, and form artist Amanda Cotton to create a statue of the main protagonists, in an effort to balance the history books and shine a light on their untold story. The sculpture was then previewed at Execution Docks in Wapping, ahead of its journey to Burgh Island on the South Coast to take up its forever home in early 2021. 

Born hundreds of miles apart, both Anne and Mary were disguised as boys in their childhoods to escape poverty, propriety and disgrace, only to find freedom on the high seas. When Mary and Anne’s worlds collide a love affair between the two ensues and adventure beckons.

The Audible series Hell Cats explores their story, themes of equality, freedom, love and survival. Ultimately it is a story about the determination to live fully and freely without the limitation of gender, class or society – a life without restraint.

Artist, Amanda Cotton says: “The sculpture’s design is a metaphor for Bonny and Read’s personality, Fire & Earth. Individually they are strong independent women but when Anne (Fire) & Mary (Earth) combine they are dangerously unstoppable. Anne’s passion fuels Mary’s determination, and Mary’s patience channel’s Anne onto a path. Together they erupt like an inexorable volcano, They are the: ’Inexorable’ Hell Cats.” Ultimately, the statue shows how the Sea (Water) is as much a part of Anne & Mary’s story as fire & earth. The marine concrete the sculpture is made of will, over time, create a habitable environment for the surrounding wildlife, whilst being cast into the natural rock so that the two figures truly become one with their environment.”

In addition to a news announcement, the team also secured broadcast and media interviews with the show’s writer, Carina Rodney, and historian Professor Kate Williams to bring the tale and truth to life.

The campaign achieved widespread mainstream pick up including in-depth features on The TelegraphIndependent and ITV SW News, as well as coverage in campaign relevant titles such as Gay Star News and DIVA Magazine.