Anyone Fancy Exploiting the Riots?

Here’s the longer email that was covered off in PR Week, where Strings was talking about the riots:

It would be a brave or foolish brand manager who tried to exploit the riots. The feeling is generally of moral indignation as the trouble wasn’t so much against the Establishment, more one of frustration and opportune crime.

Youth markets are for many a brand’s lifeblood – the biggest challenge is in remaining young as your brands age and your consumers change. Are today’s young consumers the ones you want or have their attitudes changed. Maybe some brands will shift course given the recent trouble

Nearly everyone in the PR industry has been affected, and many of us have had to react quickly to issue statements and advise brand owners as to the implications of the situation.

Over the coming weeks the dust will settle and maybe we’ll see a new dawn where more brands truly connect with the youth of today and add true value (where Governments are failing) rather than just talk at them