Another French Revolution

We’re excited to finally reveal two new editions to the La Maison Fontaine family from the Distillery in Pontarlier.

Firstly, a more traditionally recognisable green absinthe La Maison Fontaine Verte. A classic floral Verte with rich herbal and peppery notes and a natural green colouration. A close relative to the world’s most awarded blanche absinthe, Fontaine Blanche.

Secondly, inspired by a handwritten 1920s Crème de Cacao recipe, found in the recipe books of La Maison Fontaine’s Pontarlier distillery, they decided to push the creative boundaries and have created La Maison Fontaine Chocolat. A chocolate absinthe liqueur with a sweet richness combined with notes of absinthe and chocolate, which creates a unique soft liqueur. Chocolate + absinthe…Delicious!


Jack, Katie and Strings are the company experts when it comes to testing cocktails and perfect pours. They had a great tasting session with Sweet and Chilli last week. The mixologists loved coming up with new cocktails and ways to enjoy Fontaine Chocolat. Our PrettyGreeners couldn’t get enough of them!

Jack even went as far as saying that one of the new cocktails is the best drinks that Fontaine has created in the past 5 years… going on to make an even bigger statement, “This might be my favourite drink ever!”.

Fontaine’s new additions will start making their way into the markets over the coming weeks, and you can check with your local distributor for more details…. if you can’t wait, get your first bottle of Fontaine Verte and Fontaine Chocolat online.