Andy Murray Goes Underground with Under Armour

Having reached the heady heights of last year’s Under Armour photography shoot with Andy Murray on top of a building at Canary Wharf, this year saw the PrettyGreen UA team go underground with the British No.1 and 2013 Wimbledon Champion.


As the tennis fans amongst us tried to contain our excitement for a second year running, we got to work on bringing our concept to life with photographer Nathan Gallagher. Not for the faint-hearted (and with zero phone signal or wifi, but luckily no zombies) we headed 30 metres underground, and shot a series of images and film content to launch Andy’s new Under Armour kit for Wimbledon and showcase his dedication to training.


After weeks of planning and viewing some of the most amazing hidden spaces in London that the general public never get to see, the Comms, Studio and Events teams came together to help Under Armour build a practice tennis court underground, away from any distractions in the Mail Rail tunnels at The Postal Museum in London.


Joined by his brother Jamie, Andy demonstrated his ‘tunnel visioned’ approach to his preparation, but also took the time to speak to media about how he is getting ready for the tournament.


Andy & Jamie Murray_2_General copy_LR


With the Mail Rail tunnels lying unused for over a decade, we were slightly unnerved to hear one of the foremen saying how he couldn’t believe we were actually taking Andy and Jamie down to the platform through an old staircase which nobody uses anymore. But thankfully the tennis champions avoided the low hanging chunks of metal and debris and are fighting fit ahead of Wimbledon, so best of luck to them both this week!