Andy Murray Takes To The Skies, With Under Armour

We thought you’d like to see the video that Sam and the Content Team created around our Under Armour Andy Murray shoot to launch his new Wimbledon kit.


The idea was to create a piece of content that was part behind the scenes, but more importantly engaging enough to convey Andy’s preparation and readiness for Wimbledon (check out James H, greeting Andy like a brother from another mother).



We also then shot a lot of B roll, which we syndicated out, and worked with BBC Sport to create an amazing feature that’s currently been aired a few times (at peak viewing times, too!), plus is now live online. Check that out, HERE.


Got to love a helicopter interview (Strings’ kids were quite excited to see him on national TV, whereas when his mum heard he was on BBC, she thought he’d been on Crimewatch, again)…