And we’re off! Media 360 begins…

We have just arrived at The Grand Hotel in Brighton for this year’s Media360. There are some great topics this year, including: the effectiveness conundrum of long term wins vs. short term gain; the audiences, advertising and objectivity impacted by the data standards revolution; AI and creativity; and the threats and opportunities associated with Brexit, brands and business. We are signed up to a number of roundtables to see what we can learn from and share with our wider colleagues in the industry. The behemoths of Facebook, Google, Diageo, Unilever and the BBC will be hosting and speaking, alongside our founder Strings. We’re hoping to have lots of great conversation around how we can all help the brands and businesses we work on continue to cut through in the most powerful way.


As a roundtable host, we were offered an event stand – an opportunity to create a PrettyGreen space within Media360 where we could talk about what we do. Whilst we are have organised many a successful event space in the past (for ourselves and our clients) this year we decided to invest a bit differently.


Since we are in the business of conversations – sparking them, stretching them, making them famous, we decided that getting people talking would be our sole focus. So this year, we have come up with a deliberately inflammatory conversation starter… and put it in print!


Media 360


To make sure people pay attention (to both the ad, and its message about how to use budget effectively) we stuck a real £5 note on each and every one. After all, as most of our clients know, the phrase “pretty green” actually means money, and our agency was founded with a promise to deliver business results.


Initially, we were told it wouldn’t be possible to deliver our £5 ad concept (funnily enough the printers weren’t up for physically sticking 400 fivers into each printed publication). Not ones for letting practicalities get in the way of a fun idea; we sent someone down to the printers ourselves to stick the note into each and every booklet by hand. And so we have it: £2,000 of cash floating around in booklets at Media360!


Is it a stunt?


Is it provocative?

Of course!

… But will it get people talking…?

We’ll have to wait and see…