All I want for Christmas (is a job I can explain)


We were talking in the office about when in you work in Agencyland, but don’t make TV ads, your nearest and dearest justbasically struggle to understand what you actually do, and when you see them at Christmas they always ask about how it’s going.

Here’s a list of our favourites:-

– Jack D’s cousin thinks he grills chicken in Nando’s Watford – He once went there and text him saying “came in today but didn’t see you”

– Faye’s daughter thinks she works on a train

– Strings son thinks he makes Chocolate

– Kylie’s mum thinks she organised the Olympics

– Ben’s 103 yr old Gran thinks he hands out leaflets in shopping centres

– Henders Nan thinks she’s an Accountant as she once told her she was an Account Exec

– Jess’s family-in-law all think she makes the ads for John Lewis and Cadbury (and she doesn’t have the heart to tell them any different)

– Katie H’s Nan for years thought that she wrote print ads for newspapers. Sometimes she’d pull them out for her, for when she went home

– Claire Macs family thinks she’s a PA and a Journalist

– Lucy M’s thinks she works for Companies on the front of football shirts

– Joe’s Grandad thinks he’s personally responsible for the breakdown in modern society because he works in social media. He doesn’t approve of social media

– Lucy P’s family think she gets paid to go on Facebook all day (which is basically true)

– Mark’s Grandfather thinks he works for Spurs and their “Under Army”