All fun and Games

When the Olympics ended, PrettyGreen came down with a suspected case of post-Games sorrow. A quick trip to the doctor confirmed this and an emergency prescription of an evening at the Paralympics was issued.

So the team headed off to Stratford to enjoy a night of athletics action and take in the atmosphere of Paralympic Park.

PG Team

The opening night of track and field inside the Paralympic Stadium was buzzing and many a PrettyGreener sacrificed their voice to cheering. We marvelled at the incredible performances of all the ParalympicsGB athletes, in particular Hannah ‘Hurricane’ Cockroft who stormed to success in the T34 100m.

It was a night of mixed emotions – the highs for the athletes on the track and lows for a certain member of the team in an unsuccessful bid to make it on to the big screen. He did his hair and everything.

We’re not sure how we’ll cope when it’s finally all over, but we’re already in training for the next Olympics. After all, it’s only 1,432 days until Rio 2016