Alice’s Adventures underground

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Secret pathways, clouded glass mirrors, chequered corridors, sums that don’t add up, upside down court rooms, singing turtles, red-faced queens … an average day in the PrettyGreen offices you might think? Well you’d be pretty close, but not quite.

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Our lucky events team were invited to witness the latest production brought to us by Les Enfants Terribles, and this time Lewis Carroll’s weird and wonderful Alice in Wonderland was the subject, bringing Alice’s dreamlike adventures to mind-blowing reality.

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We don’t want to give too much away as it was an adventure unlike any we’d had before, in the revamped vaults of Waterloo station. Our highlights included being seduced by a circus, submersed into story-telling and magical music, encounters with the Queen’s gardener forcing us to sing nursery rhymes (Ella’s perfect excuse to act like a child in a playground again) and being ordered around by giant Queens (Jack loved this part in particular). The whole thing was bizarre, strange and weird, yet incredible. Definitely worth a visit.

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