Agency High Treason?

_49702698_aussie-1It seems without anyone stepping foot onto a cricket oval, a month ahead of the first Test in Brisbane, the Australians have started the sledging. This time, they decided to project an image onto Big Ben declaring ‘ Don’t Forget the Urn’ and surprise, surprise we Brits reacted in exactly the way everyone expected.

Whilst 10,000 miles away, the Aussies laughed at their first (and certainly not the last) prank of the campaign, Deputy leader of Westminster City Council, Cllr Robert Davis, angrily declared this to be “inappropriate and insulting” and “a criminal offence” (possibly whilst shaking his fist.) In true British style, he should’ve just sent an angry letter…

However, what we at PrettyGreen are most concerned about is the fact that there is probably an agency in the UK who have committed one of the most despicable acts of high-treason on these shores since Guido Fawkes got a bit carried away with gunpowder at the same location in 1605.

So when do we draw the line? When do fees out-weigh patriotism? When does the enemy become an ally? It must be remember that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and a PR’s ability to create big news stories must be balanced up with the consequences. If the touch-paper for the high-treason debate has been well and truly ignited, then it seems only fair we should also start a Witch-Hunt to find the PR agency and the team who have sold their souls to the devil to chase a quick-buck.

Own up now and we will spare dunking you to see if you do indeed float.