As Kim produced a Body Shop hand cream this morning to sooth our March hands, a highly emotional discussion ensued around two things. 1) Will the Bodyshop be a casualty of the current high street’s demise and 2) Did you ever wear White Musk? The latter point most definitely something for women born in the 70s, who, it would appear, literally doused themselves in the Body Shop fragrance as they attempted to ease themselves through adolescence into adult hood trying to allure the opposite sex with a overwhelming waft of cheap musky scent. At least they’d moved on from trying to create their own brand of petal infused water perfume and were no longer deluded that we might actually sell it if we stood outside the front door long enough with a hand written sign.

We’ve enjoyed a brief trip back to those tricky adolescent years – maybe a few of these odours will remind you of your formative years whilst also revealing our ages…

Strings – Denim
Kylie – Vanilla musk
Mark – CK Be
Jack D – Sean John – Unforgivable
Claire / Emma / Lauren / Charlotte / Debs – White Musk
Claire M / Laura / Hannah / Henders – Charlie Red
Tyler / Pete – Lynx Africa
Hannah – Tommy Girl
Sophia – Pink Sugar (must be an aussie thing)
George – Paco Rabane
Kim – CK1

We got carried away with Point 2 and with Leona Lewis on board with a new range for Body Shop we think they’ll weather the financial high street storm








Ben Knight