Achieve The Impossible, with Greg Whyte

If you don’t think you can do it, why try. Right?


Wrong. Completely wrong, as former Olympian and world-renowned sports scientist Professor Greg Whyte recently proved – with some hugely moving anecdotes – during our inaugural show piece ‘The Clearing’. It might sound cliche (dare you mention this to 9BAR ambassador Greg) but you can quite literally achieve anything if you put your mind to it. How?Break down your goals. Make small steps. Celebrate the successes on your journey. Share it with friends. Excel onto the next goal. Smash it. Repeat…


It’s this fascinating mindset that Greg can install within you, to provide you with that willpower and perseverance to achieve what you always thought was impossible, to break what your mind always tells you is ‘the limit’, that was so encapsulating during his powerful presentation recently.


From inspiring, and working with (plus swimming alongside for 99.9% of the trip) comedian David Walliams during his 7-day, 140-mile Thames charity swim, to plodding along with Eddie Izzard to conquer 43 marathons in 50 days, Greg can help you achieve miracles. Not him (as he often works behind the scenes). YOU.




This is about progressive change, as Greg explained. You can’t become the best overnight – nothing moves that rapidly – just like a car cannot change from Gear 1 to Gear 5. The cogs won’t turn. You’ll stall. Simple. What you can do though, is begin moving in First Gear, then working up, gear by gear, until you’ve reached your peak (which, in Dermot O’Leary’s mind, is 143,000 steps in 24 hours of continuous dance).


By changing your mindset, by helping you obliterate your barriers and achieve the so-called impossible, you’ve already won – as Greg went on to prove time, and time, and time again during his recent talk at The Clearing. Obviously the barriers for us all are different, the walls larger and thicker for some more than others, but big or small, there’s a way to get around it – or smash it down.


Change your mindset. Alter your behaviour. Create a brain for success. Believe.


You’ll be surprised just how much you can achieve…