Accelerated culture or: How PrettyGreen Learned to Love the Snapchat Hot Dog.


Things move fast these days. From music to movies to memes to Montana from Love Island, everyone and everything’s 15 minutes of fame is shrinking.


A radio playlist which plays the same stuff for a week seems lightyears out of date when you have constantly fluctuating Spotify charts based on what people actually like. Then there’s the financially ailing Soundcloud who are breaking rappers faster than the time it takes for Liam Gallagher to learn A$AP Rocky’s real name (not WhatsApp Ricky).


From boxset to boxset and comic book franchise to comic book franchise, there is no time to dwell in 2017. You’ve got to move on to the next bit of content and flick through to the next Instagram story.


For the most accelerated form of culture you need to look no further than the memes borne from reddit and 4chan. In the space of a week you can see the birth, life and death of a joke format with the death usually coinciding with a brand co-opting it on social to sell porridge. This brief lifecycle of internet humour means that brands have to be lightning quick with their social comms and intuitive to what people are actually talking about. If you’ve a three-month approval process for Tweets that post about Salt Bae is going to look silly going live in March after your auntie has shared it on the family Facebook chat weeks ago.


The latest and greatest meme has been the Snapchat hotdog filter. Born in late June, the hotdog captured the hearts of the world with his ever present smile, impressive dance moves and all around ridiculousness. This little hotdog was covered everywhere from Fortune to the Independent to BuzzFeed to Mashable. The world had gone hot dog mad.


The hot dog filter was picked up by US brands as highlighted by PR Week but UK brands seemed too in awe of our hotdog overlord to capitalise. We’ll all need to keep our ears close to the ground to find out what (or who) the new flavour of the month will be.


In the meantime, here is a selection of the amazing work done by internet people inspired by the dancing hotdog.



Consult the meme calendar below and feel:

a) like you spend too much time online

b) out of touch and confused