Immersing ourselves at dreamthinkspeak's Absent

We went down to Shoreditch Town Hall hotel this week to immerse ourselves in the stories of Shoreditch Town Hall in dreamthinkspeak’s Absent, a site specific piece based on the renovation of Shoreditch Town Hall and all of its stories.
Once again the company showed how powerful videography and space can be when combined, as we made our way through the basements of The Shoreditch Town Hall Hotel picking up the story of “The Duchess” and her downfall on our way we were taught a lesson in set design and attention to detail!

With every pearl, article and shelving unit placed for a reason once again dreamthinkspeak shows us that audiences are ready to be left to their own devices and find their own experience if you present it to them as beautifully as Tristan Sharps and his company have done with this piece.