A Wapping Week

So we thought that with mid term break for RBMA that it might be a little calmer in the office. Oh how wrong we were!

We launched the 1st part of our Trident Perpetual Festival promotion on Tuesday with George Lamb, Rob Da Bank and  Steve from Virtual Festivals.

It was a tough brief following the success of the Beyonce campaign (100 single ladies is still doing over 100k views a week). Made tougher by a brilliant briefing from the Client.

As one particular Client of Strings used to say “it’s all about lose briefs”. Partly, it’s also about creative ambition and the ability to allow great ideas to actually see the light of day. Which was what the Client wanted.

Ourselves, RPM and PHD have worked as a really close virtual team to pull this one off from the initial briefing. And what’s been really refreshing has been the collaboration between all parties. The original concept for Tridents Perpetual Festival might have been PrettyGreens (think Claire’s trying to actually own this one), the reality is that it’s the integration of the 3 Agencies, often working without the Client that has delivered this promotion.

We couldn’t have made it happen without RPM’s on-pack and digital skills (or Di’s spreadsheet management) or without PHD’s media approach, by working together, demarcating our own roles, we’ve worked much more effectively.

So we’ve 2 weeks to go before we close the 1st phase (30 Festivals, 30 Weeks, £30k) and then we’re in to shorlisting and assessment centres. We’ve already got 2k applications so it’s going to be fun, but the planning for the interviews is nearly finalised. It’s tough not to become quite sadistic, we think it’s Wipeout, Big Brother and The Apprentice that make you think that way.

On the same day we were also helping develop a bigger plan for Nandos Xperimental, which always causes a heated debate, which shows how much everyone cares. What’s exciting is that after months of planning, we think we’ve found the solution.

Lipsticks and chocolate are still a plenty in the office and we’ve got a great event in the pipeline we’re just trying to finalise. More to follow…..

We’re also on the Easter Egg hunt trail, which is a great new project we’re working on, plus we’ve got a couple of really exciting new business opportunities that we’re close to being able to reveal (we’ll know more by Friday).

And on Thursday a group headed out to the Wapping Project for a late lunch (a very late Christmas lunch party). An nightmare to get to, but what an amazing space/ restaurant/ gallery. The downstairs gallery somewhat scary as it got dark, but gets our vote as one of London’s most interesting venues.

A fun time was had by all, but it did feel at times like we thought that the prohibition was about to start as we tried to drink Shoreditch dry after the Wapping Project. Some very very sore heads on Friday (Folu didn’t make it in to the office at all, ok he did eventually in body, but that was about it). Ravi did a brilliant 2 hour conference call, whilst having lunch which was entertaining to watch (not sure Lisa dialing in from LA would have been too impressed).

Luckily Emma’s back from New York next week so Strings won’t be able to drag people off to the pub so easily. That said we’re up for another Award on Thursday as Best Newcomer with the MCCA, so more Top Trumps and drinking to follow.