A summary of Britain’s emotional engagement with Rio 2016

As Team GB arrived home yesterday we’ve rounded up the highs and lows of Rio 2016 using our social monitoring platform, Crimson Hexagon, delving into which events of the Games made us laugh, cry, or hide behind the sofa in fear. From our love for tennis veteran Andy Murray to our disdain for Team GB’s podium outfits, the Olympics had our chins wagging and our fingers tapping. Read on to find out how we felt about this year’s Games, and how sentiment towards Team GB has changed (or not) since London 2012.


Rio 2016

1 Rio Games emotion trend graph


Emotional Breakdown

When comparing the expression of emotion on Twitter during London 2012 and Rio 2016, the latest games have seen lower levels of specific emotions expressed via social media overall. However, supporter’s emotions in Rio 2016 were more positive overall than those seen in London 2012, with an uplift of 11% more ‘Joy’ seen in 2016 compared to 2012.


“Listening closely to the emotional conversation around Rio 2016 offers an understanding of what excites, impassions and angers us as a nation of sports fans” comments Lucy Mart, Head of Sport at PrettyGreen. Hopefully we’ll see continued growth in Team GB supporters’ positive emotions in the future; is it too soon to predict 90% ‘Joy’ for Tokyo 2020?!

2 Rio Team GB emotion breakdown

3 London Team GB emotion breakdown


Crimson Hexagon Emotion Analysis of 5,419,816 Twitter posts (London 2012) and 1,598,068 Twitter posts (Rio 2016) mentioning either #TeamGB, @TeamGB or Team GB. Emotion Analysis categorizes posts based on the occurrence of terms generally falling into one of the following six categories; Anger, Fear, Disgust, Joy, Surprise, and Sadness.