A Spot of Caitlin Culture


Women with eyeliner, stealing other people’s handbags, urinary tract infections and a £12.00 dress.

This strange sounding list makes up some of the topics discussed during Monday’s ‘In Conversation with Caitlin Moran’ session at the Roxy.

As long term fans of Caitlin, we were super keen to see her in action as she held fort with her friend and colleague, David Abramovich. During the two hour session, they talked about her new book, ‘How To Build A Girl’, how her two daughters felt about *that* hairbrush chapter, and her all consuming passion for modern feminism and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Despite covering off some very serious issues (rape, FGM, the pay gap among others), Caitlin’s irreverent style and inclusive take on life definitely puts equality first and judging by the audience’s reaction (laughter, cheering and raucous applause), she’s winning in her mission to help make feminism less of a dirty word.

Here’s some of the things we loved most…

  • She hears Lorraine Kelly in her head when she feels stressed
  • Dirty boozy mums are part of her core gang of fans
  • She firmly believes that this is the best time to be a woman
  • Ideally, she’d like to charge internet trolls £1.00 to post comments on her articles
  • She hates, hates, hates maths

To be honest, we kind of want to take her down the pub and be her friend!