A School Reunion

A friend of PrettyGreen’s made the comment last night that the PR Week Awards is a bit like a school reunion. One of our slightly squiffy account execs also commented ‘I thought PR was a young person’s game but there are some really old people here’. There was. It’s true. But we always enjoy seeing the sea of old faces at these gatherings at what sometimes feels like a very small industry. If memory serves us correctly PR Week editor Danny Rogers cited an industry of 60,000 PR professionals in the UK worth an estimated £7billion pounds – now with that kind of industry you’d hope there were some grown ups in charge. And last night proved that there really was some great work being done by an industry that sometimes gets pretty bad PR.

PRWeek Awards 2011 Logo

Alistair Campbell (one of the older ones) acknowledged his part in generating a reputation for PR that sits somewhere between fluffy and spin doctoring (we’re paraphrasing) but as the lines between disciplines get ever thinner we felt pretty proud to be sitting among some really great publicists, marketeers and creatives. Some great work had us nodding – ‘yeah that’s good, that’ – we love Clarion’s Living Christmas fairy – simple idea – brilliant execution – although we’re pretty sure it was a stunt and not a campaign? Discuss. We were also pretty bowled over by John Doe’s achievements – a strong agency doing the industry proud. We weren’t massively surprised not to win Medium sized agency of the year as we only just edged into that category and not really sure how. Always good to be shortlisted though for that and for our work on Cadbury’s Spots v Stipes.

It was a great night, the biggest event yet and there were some excellent hangovers in hoodies yesterday morning to prove it. Roll on next year!