A* results for Thorpe Park

Propelled on one of Europe’s fastest rollercoasters from 0-80mph in under 2 seconds three times in a row before 10.15am is all in a morning’s work if you’re part of the PrettyGreen agency. Well for one member of the team anyway.

Yesterday Thorpe Park invited students from around the country to come down and open their A Level and AS Level results on top of some of the UK’s top rollercoasters. Opening your envelope in the most adrenaline-filled way possible is definitely better than heading to your school hall to find out your results in front of the glaring eyes of your teachers.

We captured four of the A-level students leaping for joy by the wettest ride in the park – Tidal Wave which secured front page of The Times – result!

The students embraced a number of the park’s exhilarating rides with a couple braving the SAW ride wearing a Go-Pro to capture their reactions – with very entertaining and humorous reactions. You can check it out here: http://on-msn.com/1rzG6I8

Spending the day with A-level students got the PrettyGreen team reminiscing about when we all took our A level exams with some surprising responses from the team – a mixture of A’s, B’s and er N’s?

Check out the adrenaline highs of the students captured in the papers below and on the Mail Online