A Pigeon – The Symbol of London 2012

prince_william.0.0.0x0.400x400With 1000 days to go to the London 2012 Olympics, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. Today the Daily Mail reported that Princes William and Harry have expressed an interest in signing up as Volunteers. Quite how efficient they would be at directing people on the tube or managing queues remains to be seen, but it does go to show how everybody wants to be a part of this event.

Boris Johnson claims that 64% of Londoners are strongly in favour of the Games coming to the capital and as we move closer to 2012 it will be interesting to see whether that figure goes up or down, more interesting however, will be to see how the country as a whole feels about 2012.

20070306-20061009-pigeon_shits_on_cObviously as Londoners it’s easy to say who cares what anyone outside of the M25 think, but we generally think it would be amazing to see everyone positive and glavanised behind supporting GB, and the Media reporting will be crucial, as LOCOG know. Currently it seems that negative coverage exceeds positive stories as it’s easy, but maybe the Media need to actually help generate that support now and not wait for Games Time. It’s in all our interests to make it work.

And on that note, today‚Äôs other exciting Olympics related story being reported is that the official mascot of the London 2012 Games looks set to be a…..pigeon!