A PERi Christmas one and all as the Nando’s Christmas Menu returns

Oi. You. Are you feeling festive yet? Are you decking the halls with boughs of holly? Are you inhaling Quality Street and egg nog like they’re going out of fashion? Are you gazing into the abyssal black hole of your overdraft with your mum’s present still to buy? Are you gleefully skipping home from work through the Christmas shopping crowds, barging into consumers, hurtling into the elderly and knocking children into orbit?


If you weren’t doing all of these things (aka. ‘getting into the festive spirit’) then you’re in luck as Nando’s is about to make the whole process a lot easier with the launch of their Christmas menu. A guaranteed way to bring the heat to Chris-heat-mas without harming other people or decking halls.


After last year’s Christmas menu debut, 2017 has stepped things up a gear with a South African twist. The Mzansi Christmas Burger combines the classic flavours of a British Christmas with the PERi-PERi fire of the Southern African sun. Inside a Bolo do Caco bun you’ll find a PERi-PERi chicken breast and thigh with a classic cranberry sauce, a rich and creamy mushroom and chestnut pate, crispy onions and a delectable winter slaw.


It’s mouth-watering enough to make you denounce turkey for good.


If you’ve got a Nando’s Card then flashing the plastic will mean you can get your hands on the burger TODAY, a whole three days earlier than the general public. 


A PERi Christmas one and all!