A Pause For Reflection

Alex Judd, Judders, Juddy, A-Skillz, Mr Judder Lover, Big Bird, Bert, Neil, Kit Kat Man, Tupperware Boy… whatever you knew him as, Alex was a brilliant intern who graced the floors or PG for a short but glorious year. Below he gives his thoughts on a year in the world of PR…

After leaving the sleepy lecture halls and spending just over a year in the busy world of PR, it’s a good time to sit down, reflect and wonder just what I have learnt.
For me, there were three big lessons.

Firstly, I learnt that inspiration surrounds you every day. Whether it’s night-time surfing or making ice in the shape of an AK-47 bullet, you have to expand your mind to think outside the realms of normal thought in order to come up with that real gem of an idea. The best way to stretch your mind like this is to keep an eye out for what’s new, what stands out and how you could use it in different ways. This can be as simple as visiting an exhibition or watching a video online but experience as much as you can and it’ll leave you in good stead.

Next is the realisation of the sheer amount of time you have on your hands when studying at university. Many students, myself included, sit around in their dressing gowns for the best part of the day playing football or fighting in wars (solely on the Xbox) with the only mention of work being, “I’ve got this 3,000 word essay to do…really got to get started on that soon…” during a pause of the game. Then it’s get showered and crack open the SmartPrice vodka for another cheap night out on the town. Not until around two weeks before the hand in date does anyone suddenly become alert to the fact that the essay, surprisingly, won’t complete itself. The REAL world however doesn’t allow any of this. You’re in the office, working, and that’s that.

My third lesson was that work doesn’t have to feel like work! I’m sure Dolly Parton was well justified when writing 9 to 5, but it’s a song I simply couldn’t apply to what I was doing. The PR business is arguably one of the busiest out there, but there’s a definite sense of team spirit, especially at the busiest of times. Everyone pulls together and supports each other to make sure the client is happy and most of all that the team are proud of their work. Sure there’s the less exciting jobs of coverage logging, scanning and other administrative sort of tasks but it’s hardly a drag. Especially when you know you’ll be at Battersea Power Station for Red Bull’s X-Fighters, spending the day swimming in Eton rowing lake or flying up to Glasgow to bring Spots vs Stripes to Scotland, just a few of the things I’d never thought I’d be doing.

So ultimately, I found that PR is an industry which never ceases to excite me and I look forward to what lies ahead after one more year of partying, I mean studying.