A New Dimension…

Things have been getting 3-dimensional around PrettyGreen this week. Why you ask, well a brand spanking new 3d printer would be the answer!

Gone are the times of the digital team sharing endless YouTube clips of 3d action (yeah, these do exist), we now have the live show, and what a show it is. This little box has blown minds all over the office. Things started small, a toy, a bracelet, a ring, new key-rings but now it’s safe to say the events team have enough personalised iPhone cases to cover any family birthday in 2014!!

After a slightly unsuccessful elephant toy model, new plastic deliveries came in thick and fast and now PrettyGreen are looking to push the boundaries. Blending colours is the next “big step” but given the amount of time Strings is spending with the printer (it’s every second, he’s barely been seen in the office), it should be mastered in no time.

And before you ask, we’ve yet to make a gun, but let’s wait for the next hangover…