A Model Behaviour

At the heart of all of PrettyGreen’s Experiential work is a belief that we deliver brand fame and make our clients investment work as hard as possible. It’s about creating experiences that reach out to a wider audience and more than just the lucky few who bought tickets or joined the queue.


We believe that there are 3 levels of interaction; creators, engager & eyeballs


These consumers complete the amplification circle and can be translated into the 1, 9, 90 model.


This traditionally used social media model also demonstrates how consumers interact with an experiential brand event and how the ripple effect of a 360 campaign can really drive ROI.





In simple terms this means that


  • 1% of consumers will actually experience the activity first hand. They in turn become the creators of content and provide the word of mouth amplification
  • 9% of consumers will engage with the activity via sharing, liking or commenting on content
  • 90% view the content across social channels which was initially created by the 1%


We feel passionately that PrettyGreen’s job is to reach the 90% by creating experiences that people want to talk about, creating a catalyst for a positive shift in perception about the brand and triggering an increase in brand related purchases.


But it doesn’t stop there. It’s important that we can measure each campaign’s reach, and show our clients that they are achieving meaningful results that are helping to drive brand fame.


Experiential as a marketing discipline has always struggled for an industry standard model that can help brands quantify the business results achieved through this channel. So, our MD Jessica Hargreaves has been working with the IPM to create an ROI model that can set industry benchmarks, measure hard results and instil best practice.


We’ll be using the model for all of our campaigns moving forward to show our clients just how effective brand in hand interactions can be.