A Little Horse

img_04831We decided to bunk off school last week. We’ve been nose to the grindstone for a number of months and we thought it was about time we took a slight breather and celebrated a few recent successes.

So we all snuck off to the Albion in Islington and sat in the beer garden all afternoon. Drinking rose, eating great gastro BBQ pub food (although Pigs Ears as starters definitely didn’t count and aren’t to be recommended) and playing games.

Now as the drink flowed and as a new team we had a lot of fun playing “tell us something we don’t know”, which ended as “we’ve just learnt things we wish we didn’t know”.

Obviously discretion is the better part of valour (and we wouldn’t want all our Clients resigning), but there were lots that involved the police, the opposite sex, the same sex, no sex, poo, pooh, phew and even a date with Robbie!

We then had a brisk walk round to Little Voice, where we proceeded to act out the final of Britain’s Got (No) Talent. After being informed that we were going to for a sing-song, the some of the team were somewhat disheartened and not really that interested. It’s amazing what a few bottles of rose does to ones potential stage fright.

Some 3 hours later we finally gave back our microphones, blow up guitars, wigs and hats, but we hung on to our slightly hazy bizarre memories, including Strings MC’ing a duet with Hamish, Claire wrestling on the floor as she refused to hand back her Mike, Nick being a Rock God, John being too Sexy for his shirt, and Mandy (Holden) actually getting lost in music.

Basically we sang until we all lost our voices, drank till we couldn’t drink anymore and all thoroughly had a brilliant night out – Here’s to celebrating success.