A hairy mission for team PG

Plumbers struggling for work, wives and girlfriends in despair, and a sheer increase in sneezes this week can only mean one thing – Movember is now well underway!

Yes, with plug holes no longer blocked with stray hair, other halves having to adapt their kissing techniques, and noses suddenly becoming far too itchy for us hairy males, it’s mental to think we’re already almost half way through the season of ‘Mo.

With the naming of PrettyGreen as the agency to take Movember to new hairy levels came the birth of Team PrettyGreen (donations welcome!), and our Mo Bros have already faced several problems their previously well-groomed selves never thought possible – all in the name of goodwill, charity, and plenty of office lols for those not taking part.

This week confirmed to James that, whilst only weeks away from entering his mid-twenties, he still suffers the hair-growing ability of a pre-pubescent teen, just with less acne this time around. His ‘tache, it’s fair to say, is more spindly than super, and we’re actually pretty sure he’s been growing this one for the next year, not month.

That said, Leigh and our very own ringleader Strings weren’t actually that far behind. Leigh’s half-naked selfies aside (why he couldn’t show us his face without his bare chest we’re still not sure), it turns out the office baby-face count is currently at three, not one! Yes, resembling extras from a low-budget war film – “more in a Prince Harry fancy dress way than a good way”, says Leigh (who’s currently preparing for a trip to Colombia by, we kid you not, attempting to resemble a drugs baron) – we’re currently three times more likely to be ID’d, or more likely barred, from the pub next door for attempting to pass as over 18s.

Luckily, all isn’t lost in our hairy mission and some of our more esteemed folk have been excelling. For a start there’s Grabbers, a seasoned veteran with bags of Mo-perience. With a wispy mane developing quicker than James’ could manage in a year, Chris quickly drew attention from his partner for his new look– unfortunately, not a single part of it was complimentary. Bluntly quipping that the facial art was “disgusting and should never return”, we reckon the Grabowski household are in for quite a rollercoaster month, as are his bin men, probably.

It isn’t even our worst/best (delete as appropriate). In fact, our front runner, by quite some distance, is a man who’s lost all eye contact with his fiancé, is being ignored by his friends who are unable to recognise him at social events, and would make a great body double for the kid from the Addams Family

Ben Knight

Take a bow, Ben Knight. Our events honcho has excelled in our latest campaign, as he is expertly being blanked by peers, shunned by soon-to-be-family, and resembles a child on a daily basis. We reckon the next two weeks could be the longest of Ben’s life so far… and the best of ours.

Then again, at least we’re not having to travel anywhere exotic this month, right Leigh?

Let us know how you’re getting on yourselves this month, or check out our fundraising page at http://mobro.co/PRETTYGREEN to hear a bit more about the Movember story and, of course, throw us grateful lot a few quid for a great cause in the process! ‘Til next week, Mo Bros and Sistas.

P.S. We’ve also been banned from mentioning the heroic effort of our money man Tim, who may or may not resemble Mr Monopoly.